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17" Innolux Lcd Panel Replacement Parts MT170EN01

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China China Professional Online Marketplace certification
China China Professional Online Marketplace certification
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17" Innolux Lcd Panel Replacement Parts MT170EN01


Large Image :  17" Innolux Lcd Panel Replacement Parts MT170EN01 Get Best Price

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China/Taiwan/Japan/Korea
Brand Name: ChanceTech
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10pcs
Price: Contact us for the current price
Packaging Details: Box&Carton
Delivery Time: Within 3 days after confirmed your payment
Payment Terms: T/T,Paypal,Western Union
Supply Ability: 100000pieces per month
Detailed Product Description
High Light:

industrial lcd panel


lcd display panels

Hitachi Lcd Panel Replacement Parts CCFL Backlight Assemblies

CCFL Backlight 17" Innolux Lcd Panel Replacement Parts MT170EN01



1,Condition:Grade A 
2,Backlight type:CCFL
3,Application: Laptop

17" Innolux Lcd Panel Replacement Parts MT170EN01 0                17" Innolux Lcd Panel Replacement Parts MT170EN01 1                           17" Innolux Lcd Panel Replacement Parts MT170EN01 2



Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers:

Q: What are the symptoms of a failed CCFL backlight?
A: If your display is simply not illuminating and it has not been subject to damage such as dropping it, is very likely that your CCFL is to blame. Typical symptoms of an aging or failed lamp include flickering, low light out put, pinkish hue to the screen, momentary flash on at start up and then out or simply inconsistency, on and off of LCD display.

Q: How do I figure out if I need to replace my backlight?

A: If you have experienced any of the above mentioned symptoms it is probably a good idea to change out your backlight. As CCFL lamps age they require more and more voltage to stay lit. This puts a tremendous strain on the inverter that powers the lamp. Failure to change out an aging or failing lamp can result in a much more expensive repair. While lamps are very inexpensive, new power inverters for laptops generally start at about $75- $100, and even more for monitors that require multiple lamps.

Q: Is the problem with my Inverter or the CCFL lamp?

A: Typically a new lamp fixes 95% of all of these types of display failures. In the rare instance that the inverter is also bad you will still want to change the lamp as it is most likely the cause of the inverter failure in the first place.

Q: Should the inverter be changed out at the same time as the lamp?

A: Some individuals simply choose to do so to eliminate all doubt, but from experience this is definitely an unnecessary expense. As mentioned previously, the lamp is almost always your failure point and from experience the inverter is simply an unnecessary replacement cost.

Q: How do I know which lamp to order?

A: We always suggest that you extract the original lamp from your unit and take careful measurements before ordering. Just because your laptop is a specific model, for example a Dell Inspiron 1420 does not mean that there might not be some variance as to the LCD manufacturer. Additionally, this model may be available in multiple screen sizes such as 14.1 standard or widescreen (both require different lamps), or even 15.1, 15.4, 17 etc... Check out our tutorial section for more information on how to correctly measure your lamp. We have also compiled a detailed database here on the site as well for your reference.

Q: Are your lamps compatable with my equipment?

A: Absolutely, Our lamps in all instances are of much higher quality than the original OEM lamps installed during manufacturing. Because we use much higher quality glass, electrodes and phosphors our lamps typically will require a much lower strike and running voltage making them compatible with all devices and insuring a much longer life expectancy.

Q: Why did my lamp go out, my laptop is only a year old?

A: Today competitive market place and high volume LCD manufacturing has resulted in the use of cheaper and cheaper CCFL lamps that in some instances barely cover the manufacturers one year warranty period. Besides, the manufacturers are in the business of selling new panels, not making sure that they last so long as to cut into future profits.

Q: What is the typical life of a CCFL lamp?

A: The typical rated life of a CCFL backlight is 20,000 to 40,000 hours, however when used in LCD applications such as laptops you should expect between 1.5 and 3 years of use from most manufacturers. We manufacture Premium CCFL lamps with a much higher life expectancy. Our standard lamps are rated at 50,000 hours of usage and we also manufacture a very high performance 70,000 hour lamp that is commonly used in mission critical applications.

Q: What makes your lamps better than others available?

A: While some good things are available from the Chinese and Taiwanese markets, typically CCFL's are not amongst them. These Manufacturers quite simply manufacture lamps for novelty purposes and some uneducated distributors sell them and represent them as OEM quality lamps. These lamps can fail anywhere from several weeks, several months (most common) and some even last a year. The inconsistency is not relevant only to life, but also lamp color due to poor phosphors and overall light output due to impure gases and pressurization. The quality and reliability of our lamps is unparalleled in the industry. We utilize only the highest quality borosilicate glass strains, proprietary electrode configurations, specialized processes including proprietary emissive coatings for optimum performance, and only the purest of phosphors and gases available.


Most 9.4, 9.5, 9.6, 10.4, 10.6" LCD panels use a 3.0 x 220mm CCFL lamp.        

These panels include, but are not limited to:


NEC CA51001-0118 CA51001-0121 CA51001-0126 CP041038-02
  CP109336-xx CP164385-01    
Hyundai-BOEhydis HT10X21      
IDTech ITSV32N  ITVG15N    
Sanyo-Torisan LM-CD53-22NTK LM-FE53-22NSK    
Toshiba LTM08C001 LTM08C011 LTM08C360F LTM09C011
  LTM09C012 LTM09C015A LTM09C016 LTM10C021
  LTM10C039 LTM10C272S LTM10C286 LTM10C306
  LTM10C306K LTM10C306L LTM10C306Y LTM10C312
  LTM10C314 LTM10C315 LTM10C320 LTM10C320S
  LTM10C321 LTM10C321A LTM10C345Y LTM10C348
Sharp LM641521 LM64185P LM64C032 LM64C052
  LM64C089 LM64C08P LM64C142 LM64C149
  LM64C15P LM64C35P LM64C389 LM64C38P
  LM64C509 LM64P806 LM64P821 LM64P822
  LM64P825 LM64P83 LM80C031X LM80C032
  LQ104S1LH01 LQ106K1LA01 LQ106K1LA01A LQ106K1LA01B
  LQ10D131 LQ10D133 LQ10D363 LQ9D133
Samsung LT104S1-102 LT104S1-105 LT104S4-151 LT104V3-100
  LT104V4-101 LTN106W2 LTN106W2-L01  


Most 12.1" LCD panels use a 2.0 x 250mm CCFL lamp.                                   

These panels include, but are not limited to:


Mitsubishi AA121SB03 AA121SB6C-ADFD AA121SD11 AA121SE01
  AA121SJ03 AA121SJ23 AA121SK01 AA121SK02
  AA121SK03 AA121SK04 AA121SK05 AA121SK12
NEC CA51001-0145 CA51001-0158 CA51001-0160 CA51001-0171
  CA51001-0179 CA51001-0196 CA51001-0202 CA51001-0217
  CA51001-0240 CP021216-02    
ChungHwa CLAA121WA01 CLAA121XG01    
Hyundia-BOEhydis HT12S11 HT12S13-100 HT12X11 HT12X12
  HT12X12-100 HT12X12-101 HT12X13 HT12X13-100
  HT12X14 HT12X21    


Sharp LM121SS1T509 LM121SS1T529 LM121SS1T53 LM121SS1T55
  LM121SS1T709 LM121SST53 LM12S029 LM12S389
  LM12S401 LM12S402 LM12S405 LM12S469
  LM12S47 LM12S471 LM12S48 LM12S481
  LM12S49 LM80C229 LM80C36 LQ12S405
  LQ12S41 LQ12S53 LQ12S56 LQ12S05
  LQ12S08 LQ12S31 LQ12S353 LQ12S56A
  LQ12S56B LQ12X02 LQ12X12 LQ12X24N
  LQ12X43 LQ12DX03 LQ12DX03D LQ121S1LH02
  LQ121S1LH03 LQ121S1LH13 LQ121S1LH33 LQ121S1LH02
  LQ121S1LH22 LQ121S1LH42 LQ121S1LH50 LQ121S1LH52



Hitachi LMG-9970-ZWCC   SX31S003 TX31D02VC1CAA
  LMG-9972-ZWCC   SX31S004 TX31D11VA1CAE
  LMG-9980-ZWCC   SX31S008 TX31D21VD1CAA
  LMG-9980-ZWCC-01   SX31S009 TX31D21VC1CAF
  TX31D21VC1CBE   TX31D27VC1CBC  
  TX31D24VC1CAA   TX31D28VC1CAA  
  TX31D27VC1CAB   TX31D30VC1CAA  
  TX31D27VC1CBB   TX31D35VC1CAA  

Toshiba LTM12C025S LTM12C270 LTM12C289S LTM12C324C LTM12C328P
  LTM12C263 LTM12C278E LTM12C318 LTM12C328 LTM12C328T
  LTM12C266 LTM12C283 LTM12C318L LTM12C328K LTM12C32BT
  LTM12C268 LTM12C283D LTM12C324 LTM12C328L LTM12C505V



Sanyo-Torisan LM-FH53-22NAWP LM-JK53-22NSQ TM121SV-02L01
  LMG9970ZWCC LM-JK63-22NTR TM121SV-02L01A
  LM-JA53-22NTW MSXS121022010 TM121SV-02L01C
  LM-JC53-22NTW MXS121022010 TM121SV-02L03
  LM-JK53-22NFR MXS121022050 TM121SV-02L03A
  TM121SV-02L11 TM121SV-02L02 TM121SV-02L02A
  TM121SV-02L01 TM121SV-02L0202 TM121SV-02L02D
  TM121SV-02L03B TM121SV-02L05 TM121SV-02L07A
  TM121SV-02L04 TM121SV-02L07 TM121SV-02L07B
  TM121SV-02L04C TM121SV-02L03 TM121SV-02L07G
  TM121SV-02L10 TM121SV-02L10 TM121SV-02L09


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